Palomino Lites

by Shinzon

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released May 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Shinzon Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Collar
He's been waiting for
Key's scratch at the door
Don't go no more
I'm waiting for
Feed him
Track Name: Palomino Lites
Festivate to a vegetative state of mind
I'm a fucking liar
Nobody's that kind
And I'm a fucking joke
But nobody's that kind
Exhale into my brain
I'm your slave and I'm depraved
Bones across your face
Cut your gaze
Your mouth agape
Track Name: Black Turtle Neck
Black glasses cover dead eyes
Smoke rises from an outstretched index
The hurt, she runs in circles in the business of pointing fingers
They're gonna eat me alive inside
Conspired in a whirlpool, it's pulling me down
Nesting on the inside, safe as I burrow into a black hole
Petrified by the lights, divert my gaze
Sign on the page and pull away
They're gonna eat me alive inside
I can see clear beyond your gaze and I don't mind the sight behind your eyes
If you don't want to hold my hand I understand
I wouldn't mind laughing alone tonight
Imagine my surprise to find you fading away
Track Name: Sour Grapes
You don't have to tell me twice
I know
I don't see you much these days
You don't have to repeat yourself
I know
It's been so long since I could relate
They must be sour anyway
I don't need to try to relate
Don't see your face much these days
They must be sour anyway
I can't tell if you're faking it
I'm having trouble placing it
These grapes are sour anyway
Track Name: VHS Tape
I don't have to watch The Evil Dead
I've already seen that movie and I know how it ends
Posters on the wall of things that I don't care much about
I thought they looked cool
Anyway, I think that I should mow the lawn
VHS tape, please rewind before returning me
Discard me in a mass grave
Forget about me
Get on with your life